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Proposed acquisition of ARM Limited by NVIDIA Corporation: public interest intervention

BREAKING: UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden has issued a Public Interest Intervention Notice on Nvidia's $40 billion takeover of Arm on national security grounds via

Are Outdoor Mask Mandates Still Necessary?

I wrote about the outdoor mask mandates. Masks are good; and inside, among non-vaccinated ppl, they'… via

Make Your Media Accessible.docx

Here it is! #AccessiBloc is proud to present our crash course zine on alt text and image description! Accessible docx file: Full rich text document: Printable/ foldable pdf: Enjoy! via

Most Louisiana lawmakers have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine; see who has, hasn't

Well this is depressingly dumb via

Facebook Has Finally Banned Holocaust Denial. Critics Ask What Took Them So Long

The people that did these things very obviously violated community guidelines and yet they’re still on the platform. The app has yet to even take the initiative to shut down Holocaust denial rooms, something even Facebook has openly said they will do. via

Why Americans lack adequate access to fertility treatments

While reporting on the inequity of fertility insurance coverage in the US I had no idea I’d find such discriminatory policies. Starting w/ our government & military. Both the DoD & Depart of Veterans Affairs do NOT offer fertility benefits to LGBTQ via

Liz Phair’s Songs of Experience

My @NewYorker interview with the one & only @PhizLair is up today — grateful for her smart & funny thoughts on love, heartache, transitions, liminality, art, domesticity, sobriety (sorta), men, Lou Reed, Chicago, L.A., the 90s, & her first LP in a decade: via

How Cashless Restaurants Reinforce Systemic Racism

I recently tried @vanleeuwen ice cream & I liked it, but I won't be back. They are card-only establishments and thus actively discriminate agst the 10% of NYers who are unbanked. Here's a great story on how cashless restaurants reinforce systemic racism: via

Cops Tackled a Grandma With Dementia Picking Flowers, Bodycam Footage Shows

"A 73-year-old grandmother of nine was picking wildflowers on the side of the road in Loveland, CO, last summer when a local cop got out of his patrol vehicle and told her to stop—beginning a police encounter that ultimately left her with broken bones" via