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The Drug That Could Break American Health Care

1/ OK, everyone, buckle up. @RESachs and I have a piece @TheAtlantic about Aduhelm. It's about how the law links FDA approval to payment policy, which means we're likely to spend through the nose for a drug that may not work. via

The best hardware security keys for two-factor authentication

4/ Consider using hardware-based 2FA If you have the funds, consider upgrading to a hardware-based 2FA like @Yubico, Google Titan, Thetis etc. This changes your 2FA from an app to a physical USB device that you will need to authenticate before logging in. via

Apple Is Said to Have Turned Over Data on Trump’s White House Counsel in 2018

NEW: DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for personal info of Trump's then WH counsel Don McGahn and his wife in Feb '18. DOJ barred Apple from telling them at time but 3 years later in May '21 Apple told them. It's unclear what investigation it was related to. via