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How a stylist turned Zendaya, Céline Dion, and Anne Hathaway into Instagram fashion icons - The Verge

How a superstar stylist turned Céline Dion and Zendaya into Instagram icons [via]

John Hockenberry Accusers Speak Out After Harper’s Essay

Yes [via]

GOP senators: No Sessions replacement could get confirmed - POLITICO

"moderate dog mattis" [via]

Moment releases first MFi battery case for iPhone Xs/X with shutter button & more | 9to5Mac

this case by moments is intriguing: … iPhone still not great for low-ish light, but from 8a… [via]

Hoodline raises $10M for its hyper-local, automated data newswire – TechCrunch

What the fuck is this, Hoodline? [via]

Tesla to achieve leading $100/kWh battery cell cost this year, says investor after Gigafactory 1 tour | Electrek

Tesla to achieve leading $100/kWh battery cell cost this year, says investor [via]

Welcome to Google Island | WIRED

And yes this is still how I picture Larry's island: [via]

Sensors that are literally 'music to one's ears' [via]

Terms of Service Violation

Where in the World Is Larry Page? [via]

Stratechery by Ben Thompson – On the business, strategy, and impact of technology.

The iPhone Franchise [via]

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail Shutting Down [via]

📧 Obsessing over one year of the Quartz Obsession email » Nieman Journalism Lab

Sheds, LaCroix, emotional labor, "All I Want for Christmas is You," CBD oil. [via]

THAT ELON MUSK INTERViEW and the dangers of VLogging. - YouTube

This video by @CaseyNeistat feat. clips from the @joerogan interview w @elonmusk is so on point Go…[via]

Parallelizing PNG, part 5: choosing Rust for mtpng – brionv

Parallelizing PNG: choosing Rust for `mtpng` [via]


Show HN: Start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove product demand [via]