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Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think? | The New Yorker

Hey sure, I’ll join the pile-on as I read Gladwell’s big pot story ( ). I’m two paragraphs in and I…[via]

Why Perks No Longer Cut It for Workers - WSJ

“People expect to have a great manager now. They want to be able to see their future in the organization.” [via]

A Tribute to YouTube Annotations –

This is your last week to view YouTube annotations! [via]

Used Clothing Floods Beacon’s Closet, Courtesy of Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” | The New Yorker

Now’s the time to buy new junk to fill your closet at Beacon’s [via]

Airpods Are Sexy - I Am Horny for Guys Who Wear Airpods

we regret to inform you that airpods are hot now [via]

Showing your work, reflecting your audience, and using the right tools: Some 2019 predictions about trust and transparency » Nieman Journalism Lab

What does the future hold for trust and transparency in 2019 journalism? [via]

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a flawed weed moral panic piece for The New Yorker / Boing Boing

Malcolm @Gladwell wrote a flawed weed moral panic piece for The New Yorker [via]

What’s Up With Men Who Don’t Wear Coats in Winter? - WSJ

*deep breath* my boyfriend is one of these men [via]

Fewer nosy neighbors and data overlords: This German publisher is trying to build a hyperlocal social network » Nieman Journalism Lab

Hyperlocal newspaper + hyperlocal social network? [via]

Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s Resolution: Talk more about the future - Recode

Mark Zuckerberg wants to talk about the future. We should probably listen. [via]

How pedophiles are using Instagram as a secret portal to an apparent network of child porn | Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail picked up this story [via]

We Paid CELEBRITIES to Tell a Story!! (It worked!) - YouTube

This is actually a really creative way to have fun with Cameo [via]

Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting With Democrats on Shutdown - The New York Times

Short version: Baby Huey mad (Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting with Democrats on Shutdown) [via]